Who is the Local SEO King? It's Bob Brown.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It's a way to help your website to show up higher in the search engine rankings. Over the years, the ability to rank on the first page of Google has become harder and harder.

One of the ways to be able to rank higher is by using less competitive key phrases. There is a lot of competition for short phrases but longer key phrases have less competition. Less competitiion means that it is easier to rank higher

Local SEO takes basic keywords and then adds in a location. For example, instead of trying to rank for "Pest Control", local seo would suggest that you rank for "Pest Control Sacramento". Your competition is reduced from 20 million result pages down to 470,000. And while that sounds like a lot, it brings it into the range where you have a good chance to get yourself placed on the first page.

Local SEO is where the major search engines are spending more and more time on. They want to be able to dominate the local market. We have an opportunity to be able to help small business rank on the first page of Google and the other search engines by helping them set up a local presence.

Won't local SEO become as competitive as regular SEO?

By it's nature, no. There will always be more competitors on a National or international level than on a local level. However, as more and more companies begin to recognize the power and value of local SEO, the competition will become much better at learning how to give the search engines what they want.

One of the keys to long term success and ranking is to get into the local search space sooner rather than later. There are basically 3 parts to ranking for local SEO

  1. Claim your local listing
  2. Optimize your webpages
  3. Increase the number of backlinks to your site

Items 1 and 2 are limited. There is only so much you can really do. Once you've claimed your Company's listing, you're done. Once you've optimized a page, your're done. But item 3 never ends. You can always get more backlinks.

Right now, most local sites only have a handful of backlinks. Each backlink counts as a vote to your site. [Note: Technically, some backlinks have more than one vote and some backlinks don't have any votes, but that's a subject for a later post.] The more votes, the higher your ranking is likely to be.

So, competitively speaking, a company that starts local seo now has a chance of ranking on page one of the search engines with excellent keywords for their business. As time goes by, it will be easy to continue to add appropriate backlinks and keep your site ranking high. However, for late entrants, the number of backlinks they will need to overcome will become more difficult. The "incumbents" will be locked in as long as they continue to add votes to their site and pay attention the changes necessary to

Why the tie between Bob Brown and Local SEO King?

I'm building my company: Getting Customers, SEO & SERP Solutions. I plan to rank the keywords Bob Brown and Local SEO King. Once they are ranked on the first page of Google, I can ask people to type Who is the SEO King? and/or Who is Bob Brown?. When both of those results come up on the first page, it should provide some evidence that I can help folks rank their website.

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